Wriggle Discounts Super-Lister!

We have a pretty cool start-up here in Bristol called Wriggle whose aim is to help local restaurants fill free tables by offering discounts through the Wriggle mobile app (and now website). The additional advantage for these businesses is that people pay up front so it also avoids the problem of “no-shows”. It’s a bit like Groupon but more local and with less spammy offer for underwear and beauty treatments.

The Wriggle app will show you what deals you can get near you but I wanted to know what the best deal is in terms of the discount itself so I built a quick Angular application – The Wriggle Discounts Super Lister! – that pulls the data from Wriggle’s underlying API and allows me to resort the data by % saving or saving in ┬ús. I can also sort by popularity to see what deals other people are snatching up (mostly Pizzarova at the moment!) or by deals that are running out that I might want to snap up before they’re gone.

Just another random little toy project! Click on the screenshot to check it out. I’m particularly proud of the loading gif…

wriggle discount super lister