I Want My ABC

Mindful Leadership

I’ve spent this week on a Mindful Leadership training course in the Netherlands. I’ve been working long enough to have been on quite a few training courses by now but, at a full 5 days, this one was certainly the longest and the one in which the participants (18 of us) bonded the most. The goodbyes and “keep in touches” we said earlier today to our colleagues from around the world were much more genuine than they sometimes are at these things.

As with any training course, there are many things I wrote down that I feel I must remember and use. It’s always much harder to keep that feeling a month later but I shall try.

Anyway, one of the things that I kept coming back to during the course was a structure around people’s motivations and psychological needs which is literally as easy as ABC. It goes like this:

People fundamentally want to feel three things……click here to read the rest…