An attempt to compile a list of the player in Bristol’s open data landscape and other interesting data sources and companies:

Bristol Data

Bristol City Council Open Data Bristol – BCC putting their data out there
Connecting Bristol – Bristol’s digital partnership coordinated by the BCC’s City Innovation Team
Bristol Is Open – a joint venture between University of Bristol and BCC
Bristol API Portal by Urban Things – Bristol Transport data API
Bristol Pinpoint map – a load of GIS data. Not sure if underlying data is available though.
Bristol Air Quality Data – Air quality measurements from around the city

Useful APIs / Data – Weather data API
UK-AIR – Live UK air quality data from DEFRA
EEA Air Quality Portal – Europe air quality data (live data map)
Open Street Map Geocoding API – convert Lat/Long coordinates to place names and place names to coordinates

Other Cities

Leeds Data Mill
London Data Mill
Bath: Hacked


WindyTy – hypnotic animated wind and weather forecast visualisations