I haven’t had as much time as I’d like to play with Firebase recently but I was interested to read about the upgrades they announced yesterday at Google I/O.

First off, they’ve re-designed the UI into Google style:


But there’s a whole host of new features too…

Google Cloud Messaging has been re-branded Firebase Cloud Messaging (a vote of confidence in the Firebase brand). It’s free and unlimited and supports messaging on iOS, Android and web apps. They’ve also dropped in Firebase Notifications on top of that.

The new Firebase Analytics platform for iOS and Android draws heavily on Google Analytics and is sure to be a hit with app developers for ease of implementation (looks like you pretty much drop in a reference and it’s up and running) and they’ve made it easy to integrate your app with Google’s 2010 mobile ads acquisition AdMob.

Firebase Remote Config also looks really interesting for app devs, allowing you to change app configuration remotely without an app update and segmented by user groups. Nifty.

They are a few more interesting features too. It’s all in the announcement on the Firebase blog.

This page in the Firebase docs is a useful starting point for working out which features are useful to app developers or web developers.

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