I stumbled upon this hidden away little BCC project yesterday called Know Your Place.

It’s actually two projects in one:
1. An interactive map viewer where you can compare a current map to historical maps
2. A map-based database of site of historical interest and geo-located historical photos

I lost track of quite a long time looking around at how parts of Bristol have changed over the years! Here’s an example looking at Queen Square:

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I knew there was once a road going diagonally through Queen Square but I always wondered what they did about the statue. Now I know – they bent the road around it on each side. Obvious really.

That 1880s map is a work of art.

The other part of the page lets you plot historical data points on the map. For example, ever wondered where all the Blue Plaques are around Bristol? Or where the bombs fell in the Good Friday raids? Or which buildings are listed?

Plus there’s a whole bunch more photos (and even some videos) and old postcards to look through as well as a community layer with some more recent sites of historical significance such as the Stokes Croft sign or the Bearpit bear.

Oh, and here’s what that road through Queen Square looked like:

Bristol Queen Square

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